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AHE Automation

About Our Process

Our primary goal throughout the process is to understand your specific requirements and how we can help to develop an effective and economical solution. 

Understanding Your Unique Needs

We kickstart the process by engaging in detailed conversations about your manufactured goods. Analyzing factors such as dimensions, weight, and production cycles allows us to pinpoint areas where automation can bring significant improvements. Additionally, we delve into project scopes, timelines, and production schedules to align our solutions with your operational objectives.

Proposal and Work Scope

Following the needs assessment, we present a detailed sales proposal outlining the customers’ provided Scope of Work. This encompasses initial SolidWorks/CAD system layouts, sequences, and a broad project timeline. 

Engineering and Design Phase

Upon approval, our engineering team springs into action, transforming conceptual designs into actionable plans. Leveraging SolidWorks/CAD software, we develop comprehensive system designs. 

Manufacturing and Assembly

With finalized designs, manufacturing begins with a focus on sourcing components and materials. Our in-house machining and fabrication capabilities streamline production, ensuring timely delivery of equipment and assemblies. After machining and fabrication are completed, the project will move to our finishing facility where control panels are built and all onboard wiring, programming, and debugging occur. 

Training and Ongoing Support

We recognize the importance of seamless integration and user proficiency. Our technicians deliver comprehensive training for your team, covering equipment operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our commitment to ongoing support ensures sustained productivity and minimal downtime.

Site Acceptance Testing and Beyond

Upon completion of installation, we conduct Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to validate system functionality and performance. Our technicians collaborate closely with your production team, offering assistance and support as needed. Post-installation, we remain dedicated to supporting your operations, providing continued assistance to optimize the efficiency and longevity of your automation solution.