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Leak Testing

About AHE Automation

Leak Testing

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With expertise in hydrostatic and pressure decay testing, we ensure product integrity across industries. Our systems detect leaks in machined housings, o-ring seals, casting defects, and more.

Our Capabilities:

We have developed leak testing equipment for a diverse range of applications, including:

Automotive Assemblies:

From cast housings and cases to brake components, our customized solutions ensure automotive parts meet rigorous quality standards, enhancing vehicle safety and reliability. 

Water Valves and Hydrants:

We have developed leak-testing solutions for various water works system components. Common applications include testers for wedge gate valves, butterfly valves, check valves, and fire hydrants. These testers are capable of running AWWA standards.

Pressure Vessels:

Our leak testing machines are engineered to validate the integrity of pressure vessels. This can be accomplished by a pressure decay test where pressure is applied to the vessel and monitored over a defined time, or by test in a submersible medium. 

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Leak Testing by AHE

Trust In our Leak Testing Expertise

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our machines are able to detect leaks accordingly. Contact AHE Automation today to discuss your project with our expert team.